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The Privacy Policy of SEACOAST RESORT complies with the European Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR) and the Greek implementing regulations. This Privacy Policy applies to all users of the computer system and website (Users) whose information we collect when they visit our hotel’s website by making a direct booking, filling in the contact form or sending their details during an availability enquiry. Additional rules may apply to specific categories of Users. These rules prevail.

The following rules describe how SEACOAST RESORT manages information relating to an identified or identifiable individual (Personal Data) for services performed through the hotel’s computer system and website (Systems).

Users expressly consent to the Management of their Personal Data as described in this Privacy Policy. Management is defined as any handling of Personal Data, regardless of the methods applied and procedures, and in particular the collection, storage, use, review, disclosure, archiving or destruction of Personal Data.
This Privacy Policy is effective from ……..10/05/2023………………………….

Users acknowledge that SEACOAST RESORT will act as a data manager and processor and will be responsible for the Management of Users’ Personal Data and will process them in order to provide the services specified in SEACOAST RESORT’s Terms and Conditions and in accordance with the principles set out in this Privacy Policy and, in order to use the hotel’s website and services, the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy must be accepted.

If Users choose to provide SEACOAST RESORT with their Personal Data, they automatically accept the transfer and storage of this information on the server of SEACOAST RESORT located in Greece (European Union) where it has its premises, in accordance with the applicable data protection legislation and regulations.

SEACOAST RESORT may collect and store the following information, including Personal Information and may vary by territory/country or by your preferred method of interaction with us. The categories of personal information that we may collect include:

  • Contact and Identification Information: We may collect information such as your name, contact details (e.g., phone number(s), address, or email) professional title, employer or professional affiliations, passport and visa information and information from other government IDs.
  • Account Information and Marketing Preferences: We may collect your account details and credentials for the SEACOAST RESORT frequent guest program and any frequent flyer or travel partner program. We may also collect information on your marketing preferences.
  • Stay and Purchase Information: We may collect information such as the hotels where you have stayed or booked a stay, dates of arrival and departure, goods and services special requests made, service and stay preferences (including room and vacation preferences), telephone numbers dialed and faxes sent, calls or messages received, and any feedback or content you provide to us regarding your stay. We may also collect information through the use of closed-circuit television systems, Internet systems (including wired or wireless networks, smart or mobile device, or your location), and other security and technology systems. Purchased or utilized at Seacoast Resort physical and digital room key usage,
  • Device, Internet & Network Activity: We may collect the Internet Protocol (“IP”) address automatically assigned to your computer or device each time you interact with us online. We may also collect information from your devices if they connect to, or are detected by, the wireless networks at our properties. We or our vendors might also collect information about how you use Wi-Fi networks and other services, such as the websites you visit while using our Wi-Fi network. We also use cookies and related technologies to collect information related to how you interact with our Websites, Applications, and online content. We may collect the date and time of your visit, the pages you access and the amount of time you spend on each page, the type of Internet browser you use, your device’s model, manufacturer and operating system, your search terms on the Website, the URL of any websites that you visited before and after visiting our Websites (including the advertisement that referred you to our Website), and whether you click or interact with our digital content and advertising on our Websites and other sites. We may also use technologies to record user sessions on our Websites and Applications.  When you access the Application or the mobile version of the Website, we collect your device, your device’s unique identifier, your mobile network information, and the type of browser you use. We may also embed technologies (which may include, for example, web beacons, tags, and pixels) in the emails and other communications we or our vendors send to you to help us understand how you interact with those messages, such as whether and when you opened a message or clicked on any content within the message.
  • Payment and Credit Information: We may collect credit card and other payment method details. In limited cases, we may also collect information relating to the credit of customers;
  • Location Information: We may automatically collect information about your precise geolocation when you access the Website or Application to the extent permitted by applicable law. We may also collect information about your general location using your IP address and your postal code;
  • Demographic Information: We may collect demographic information, such as your gender, nationality, age, and date and place of birth;
  • Biometric, Health-related or other Sensitive Personal Information: We may collect Sensitive Personal Information such as health-related or religion information you provide us to fulfil special requests (e.g., health or religious conditions that require specific accommodation or services), or biometric information, such as information used for facial recognition;
  • Audio and Visual Information: We may record our customer service calls and security footage of our properties, which may include your voice and/or image;
  • Preferences and Inferences: We may collect your preferences or make inferences about you, reflecting what we believe to be your preferences, characteristics, and predispositions, based on other personal information we have; and
  • Device Content: With your permission, we may collect information relating to the content on your device. For more information, see Section 9.

There may be instances in which the personal information that you provide to us or that we collect is considered Sensitive Personal Information under the privacy laws of some territories/countries. Depending on the applicable law, “Sensitive Personal Information” can mean personal information from which we can determine or infer an individual’s racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious beliefs or other beliefs of a similar nature, membership in a trade union or professional, religious, philosophical, or political association, physical or mental health or condition, medical treatment, genetic data, biometric information, and information about an individual’s sexual orientation. In some very rare instances, financial records, credit card information and location data may constitute Sensitive Personal Information where you are located. If we rely on consent to process your Sensitive Personal Information, you have the right to withdraw that consent at any time. We only process Sensitive Personal Information in your jurisdiction if and to the extent permitted or required by applicable law (e.g., so that we can ensure we tailor our services to you accordingly in terms of food allergies and medical conditions, to ensure we can process card payments). We will seek to protect such information rigorously using the security standards further described below.

When you consent to this Policy you are, to the extent required and permitted under your local law, granting your express and written consent to the processing of any personal information that you provide to Seacoast resort that is considered to be Sensitive Personal Information or financial information (except, in some jurisdictions, where we will ask that you grant that consent separately). Save to the extent required by law, you are not obliged to provide Seacoast resort with any of your Sensitive Personal Information, and should you choose not to, this will not prevent you from purchasing any products or services from Seacoast resort (except in locations where credit card information may constitute Sensitive Personal Information).

The main purpose of SEACOAST RESORT in collecting Personal Data is to provide Users with safe and efficient services. Users agree that SEACOAST RESORT may use their Personal Data to provide the services and support requested by Users in relation to :

  • The reservations and reservation management, as necessary actions for the execution of Users’ requests either through other reservation service providers or direct booking with the hotel for the provision of hospitality services at SEACOAST RESORT.
  • The customization of services to Users based on their personal preferences during their stay at the hotel as well as the storage of basic data in order to facilitate the provision of information upon re-visiting the hotel’s website.
  • Communicating and sending information about products and services that may be of interest to Users according to their searches. The objection to practices of this kind can be made at any time by sending an e-mail to the e-mail address:
  • Informing Users of any changes in the services provided based on their communication preferences. Communication via e-mail or personal messages (Facebook Messenger etc.) if this is selected as a way of communication in the corresponding field.
  • The confirmation of the data and other information of the users/guests regarding the correctness of their registered data, regarding the date of arrival and payment of the reservation.This processing is considered necessary for the processing of the reservation with the hotel or for the provision of other hotel services.

The provision of certain personal information by the Users becomes mandatory when the provision of the hotel’s services is requested. Otherwise, it will be impossible to provide any service offered.

It is noted that in order to safeguard the legitimate interests of the hotel, its proper operation, the safety of guests/guests and hotel employees throughout its operation, a closed circuit camera recording system (Closed Circuit TeleVision) is installed and operated.

The above will always be observed and in accordance with the obligation to comply with legal obligations regarding the use of personal data.

Users can at any time obtain information about their retained personal data by contacting us by email at …………………………………

In the context of using the hotel’s services, Users accepting the terms hereof agree that SEACOAST RESORT may disclose Personal Data in order to provide services, to comply with legal requirements, to enforce its policies, or to protect the rights, property or safety of SEACOAST RESORT or any third party. Μay also share Users’ Personal Data with:

  • With hotel executives and agents such as service providers and partners who process and store your data on behalf of the hotel, with internal or external partners – professional consultants of the hotel, with the hotel’s legal services or the police authorities.
  • Other third parties to whom Users expressly request the sending of their Personal Data (or to whom Users are otherwise expressly notified and agree when using the specific service).
  • Law enforcement authorities and agencies, other governmental authorities or third parties in response to a request for information related to a criminal investigation, alleged illegal activity or any other activity that may expose SEACOAST RESORT or Users to legal liability. The Personal Data that the hotel may disclose to the aforementioned authorities may include the User’s Identity and other User’s Identity History, name, city, telephone number, email address and anything else reasonably requested by the authority.
  • Other business entities, if SEACOAST RESORTS plans to merge with or be acquired by that business entity. (If such a combination occurs, SEACOAST RESORT will require that the new or combined entity follow this Privacy Policy with respect to User Personal Data. If Personal Data is to be used contrary to this policy, Users will receive prior notice.)
  • Transferring Personal Data of those outside the European Economic Area (EEA) ensuring that such transfers are lawful and that your information remains secure in accordance with the GDPR

Without limiting the foregoing, in an effort to respect Users’ Personal Data, SEACOAST RESORT will not otherwise disclose Personal Data to law enforcement authorities, other government officials, or other third parties without a legally valid request, unless it believes, in good faith, that disclosure of Personal Data is necessary to prevent imminent bodily harm or financial loss or to report suspected illegal activity

The SEACOST RESORT does not sell or rent Users’ Personal Data to third parties for marketing purposes. It may combine Users’ Personal Data with information of other Users and use it to improve and personalize its services.

Users can access their personal data by requesting a copy at the contact address ……………………..

Users may view, review, change and delete all of their Personal Data with the assistance of SEACOAST RESORT staff. It is the responsibility of the Users to update their Personal Data if it changes or is inaccurate. Upon the User’s request for revision or deletion of his/her Personal Data to the SEACOAST RESORT staff, SEACOAST RESORT will immediately stop processing his/her Personal Data, in accordance with the applicable law.

With regard to the storage of Users’ personal data and information, the SEACOAST RESORT retains the Personal Data of Users who have requested the cessation of their processing and only for as long as necessary for the purpose provided for and in accordance with the law and relating to taxation or legal obligations or law enforcement in general. In particular, to prevent fraud, collect debts, resolve disputes and other problems that may arise, assist in investigations and act in accordance with the law.

Users reserve the right to object to the processing of personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy by expressly stating this and detailing the reasons at any time by sending this request to the hotel’s email.

In order to exercise all their rights under this Privacy Policy and to submit questions and complaints Users may contact the hotel at any time via messages sent to the hotel’s email.

Users may submit a complaint regarding the processing activities of their personal data by the hotel to the supervisory authority which for Greece is the Data Protection Authority at

Users’ Personal Data is stored on the hotel’s server. The SEACOAST RESORT treats the Personal Data as a valuable asset and maintains it with various methods (encryption, passwords, physical security, etc.) to protect the Users’ Personal Data from unauthorized access and disclosure. However, third parties may unlawfully interrupt or access retransmissions or private communications between Users and the Systems. Accordingly, although the SEACOAST RESORT makes significant efforts by implementing the most appropriate data collection, storage and processing practices and security measures to protect against unauthorized access, modification, disclosure or destruction of Users’ personal and other data stored on the hotel’s website or related database, it does not promise that Personal Data will remain private forever and assumes no liability as to the breach of your personal data by unauthorized.

As to Third Parties, Unless otherwise stated in this Privacy Policy, this applies only to the subject matter and disclosure of Personal Data collected by SEACOAST RESORT from Users. If Users disclose their Personal Data to others, including through cookies from third parties or other internet sites, different rules may apply to the use or disclosure of the Personal Data that Users disclose to them. The SEACOAST RESORT has no control over the Privacy Policies of third parties, and Users are subject to the Privacy Policies of third parties as they apply. The SEACOAST RESORT encourages Users to ask questions before disclosing their Personal Data to others.

The SEACOAST RESORT uses “cookies” (small files that are temporarily stored on the computer’s hard drive). These stored files may provide Users with updates and interaction information regarding the use of the hotel’s website. The primary purpose for collecting this data from Users of the hotel website is to provide a smooth, efficient and personalized experience when using the hotel website. When using the hotel’s website, Users are given the opportunity to allow or prohibit the use of cookies on their computer or device.

The website of SEASCOAST RESORT uses cookies software provided by Google analytics or by the hosting server of the website to monitor the use of the website by visitors. The software will store a cookie on the hard drive of the User’s computer in order to track and monitor the User’s use of the website, but will never store or collect any personal data. Other cookies may be stored on the User’s computer hard drive by other partners providing services to the hotel or other suppliers when this website links to them.

The SEACOAST RESORT may amend this Privacy Policy at any time by announcing the amended version on this website. Continued use of the Systems after any changes constitutes the user’s consent to such changes and for this reason it is necessary to review it regularly.

For information about this Privacy Policy or the use of personal data, Users may contact the Data Protection Officer by email at: …………………

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